try paddling

As dragon boating is a unique sport, it’s likely that you may be unsure about how to prepare for your first paddle session. However, unlike some other activities, we have most of the equipment you need to get started. You will need to dress appropriately for our training session (about an hour in duration), and of course, bring that can-do attitude!

Here’s a checklist of things to bring along:

  • sports clothes – clothing items that dry quickly and repel water are recommended
  • enclosed footwear, unfortunately no thongs / sandals / jandals are allowed (it’s for safety!)
  • bottle of water
  • cap / visor / bandana, sunglasses
  • towel
  • sunscreen
  • dry change of clothes
  • $20 to cover club fees including insurance for the first 3 sessions


We will provide:

  • paddle
  • pfd / lifejacket if you are unable to swim comfortably for more than 50m
  • lots of fun with the team on the boat
  • coaching which is appropriate for your skill and fitness level


Please keep in mind that you may get wet! It is a water sport, and we will train even in the rain.

Don’t forget to contact us before you come along for the first time so we can confirm availability and organise coaching, equipment and administration forms prior to your arrival. Please use the contact form in the right side bar or the other contact methods available.